we were there

When thin clients were thick, when web services were middleware and product adoption was measured in waves. And now we have more avatars than we need, understand the value of social, and know the real difference between a blog and lifestreaming.
More importantly, we know who needs to know, how to reach them and we have fun doing it.

erica Lee

Erica Lee has more than fifteen years of public relations, marketing and journalism experience. She has worked in a wide range of industries including high tech, government, insurance, politics, broadcast television and non-profit. Focused on helping companies develop PR strategies that will grow revenues, Erica has implemented a variety of programs from virtual marketing organizations (VMO) to webinar series to media roundtables. Working for companies around the globe, she specializes in media training, product messaging and positioning, analyst programs and media strategy and outreach. She has held marketing and PR positions with Blanc & Otus Public Relations, FOX Sports, Neale-May & Partners, The New York Public Library and Prudential Health Insurance of America. She was a journalist at award-winning City on a Hill Press and at talk show host at NPR affiliate KZSC. Erica holds bachelor's degrees in Politics and Journalism from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Erica is also Board Member of the Central YMCA in San Francisco and co-founder of the Bay Area consulting network Marketing@six. An avid soccer fan, she can be found traveling around the world to see her favorite teams.