times are changing

Your company is growing at Internet speed. You don’t know if you’re
Web 3.0 or Enterprise 2.0. The lines between consumers and business
have blurred. Your biggest critic is a blogger that you have never met
and you just figured out how to tweet and what Ruby and Flex are. What you do know is
that you’ve got a successful company and a world-class product.
Now you need to communicate that success to the audience that
matters the most - your customers.

intelligent communications

At StrategicLee we specialize in the future of PR by customizing
programs, blending old and new strategies, in order to help you meet
your most important business goals. Whether you are trying to reach
a guru, analyst, blogger, editor, investor or shareholder, our programs
are strategically designed to reach the right audience at the right time.
And we do it at Internet speed.